Dry Spell


Seasonal digital capsules by art and music label SYNDICATE

SYNDICATE presents new works in an exploration of fresh collaborations, experiments and pollination between artists, designers and creatives of various disciplines. What are the forms and narratives of a performance, when the performer is removed from the traditional setting with a physical audience? Are there specific rituals that arise in the digital sphere? Explore a kaleidoscopic view of scenes that lie somewhere between utopia and dystopia.
Kids, let's learn how to stop the rain! Armed with nothing more than a chilli, an onion and a satay stick, children and adults alike can learn this age-old secret via Lenne Chai's "Chilli Party" - an absurd, outrageous mash-up of children's educational programmes, folklore and rap.

The show is inspired by the indigenous practice commonly known as Chilli Bawang – a practice still very much alive and used today in film productions, events and even Formula One races – and educational children's programs such as Sesame Street.

Follow Chilli Buddy (played by Theodora Lee) and her crew of vegetable friends as they investigate various ways to stop the rain, while dancing along to local rapper BGourd's performance of his original rap track, "Why Bother Cloud Seeding".
Lenne Chai is a photographer and director who enjoys creating work inspired by her dystopian homeland of Singapore. Based between Singapore, New York and Los Angeles, Lenne got her start as a photographer in 2010, shooting for fashion publications and brands. In 2015, she began exploring mediums beyond photography – Lenne’s first exhibition was a karaoke-inspired video installation, and she went on to show Salvation Made Simple in 2018, an interactive mixed-media art installation exploring the conflations between religion and commerce.

In 2019, A 377A Wedding, a photo series inspired by her experiences as a queer woman in Singapore, was shown at Objectifs and featured in BBC World News, Dazed, CNN, and more. She was more recently included in a lineup of modern and contemporary Singaporean artists for The Body as A Dream: A Singapore Art Story at Singapore Art Week 2020.
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