Seasonal digital capsules by art and music label SYNDICATE

SYNDICATE presents new works in an exploration of fresh collaborations, experiments and pollination between artists, designers and creatives of various disciplines. What are the forms and narratives of a performance, when the performer is removed from the traditional setting with a physical audience? Are there specific rituals that arise in the digital sphere? Explore a kaleidoscopic view of scenes that lie somewhere between utopia and dystopia.
In a world not too different from ours, performers are assimilated into eternal broadcasting systems called 'The Ether'.

The connection into this realm sustains and prolongs the life of the physical body, luring in human subjects willing to sacrifice conventional existence in order to be remembered eternally.  In this reality, a new generation of pop idols are born, in a memory loop under surveillance. The Ether is a database of all permutations of entertainment, powered by the shards formed by the love of their fans. The loop goes on until there is no one is left to love them. Like an internet connection severed and cut, the illusion shatters.
Nat Ćmiel is a non-binary, Singaporean painter, musician, performance artist and cyborg entity. In adolescence they found solace and comfort in an internet of niche online communities, MMORPG gaming, and tumblr. Their digital immersion from a young age led to an interest in augmented realities, the dystopian aesthete, and digital intimacy. yeule is a manifesto of Ćmiel’s own identity. They have access to multiple avatars, the freedom to change or contort at will, and a mutable, chameleon-like multiplicity.
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