The Paiseh Piece


Seasonal digital capsules by art and music label SYNDICATE

SYNDICATE presents new works in an exploration of fresh collaborations, experiments and pollination between artists, designers and creatives of various disciplines. What are the forms and narratives of a performance, when the performer is removed from the traditional setting with a physical audience? Are there specific rituals that arise in the digital sphere? Explore a kaleidoscopic view of scenes that lie somewhere between utopia and dystopia.
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This work is designed to be experienced via Instagram.

Phua Juan Yong (SG) x weish (SG)
paiseh (pʰaɪˈse) 歹勢
adj. Hokkien. A local expression of embarrassment, shame, or simply feeling shy.

The Paiseh Piece is an audiovisual poem navigating the mindscape of the chronically paiseh, via a digital experience marrying visual art, poetry and music. A collaboration and commiseration between two paiseh artists, the piece interrogates the psychological root of paisehness that goes far beyond the last dumpling on the plate; the arbitrary rituals of self-erasure that we perform every day. Artist Phua Juan Yong and musician-writer weish construct their piece in the form of Instagram page @the.paiseh.piece, where digitally-sculpted beings, performance poetry and sound design coagulate as an experiment in new modes of storytelling.

"The piece is a chaotic but honest mirror to both our psyches, stirred up from our shared cocktail of imposter syndrome, harsh self criticism and a hyper-competitive Asian upbringing." – weish

"Recognising myself as an artist and negotiating the perceived value of digital art has always been a struggle. "The Paiseh Piece" presents a breadth of imagery beyond my usual repertoire, and through these digital beings explores some difficult and personal questions." – Phua Juan Yong
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This work is designed to be experienced via Instagram.

Phua Juan Yong is an artist whose primary focus is image-making through 3D software. In recent years, his work has centered around pursuing the qualities of traditional paintings through digital means. That fascination has since evolved into an exploration of the broader relationship between the physical and the digital, be it in presentation, experience and consumption.  

weish is a composer, musician and writer. Her practice spans a diverse range of genres and disciplines –– she forms part of dark pop duo .gif, experimental group sub:shaman, audiovisual collective Syndicate, and is also an associate artist at Checkpoint Theatre.  In recent years, she has written both music and dramatic text for theatre and film, experimenting with divergent and form-bending modes of storytelling. Her works have taken her around the globe –– from Sundance Film Festival to the Golden Melody Awards.
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