A digital exploration on the subject of Privacy by 8 artists from around the world.
In today's hyper-connected society we are undeniably losing our privacy. We willingly sacrifice privacy to stay connected to our digital lives. Is being tracked 24hrs a day healthy? What is this doing to our collective mindset? Do we value privacy or take it for granted? What is going to happen in the future?

Privacy is a luxury that is disappearing and if we are not careful will eventually be gone forever. Will the next generation have any privacy? Will it be considered a thing of the past? Or will they reject this invasion into their private lives and actively avoid sharing their personal details online with faceless entities? 

Data privacy is a hot topic and often in the news because of security breaches and corporate irresponsibilities. We want to explore what PRIVACY means to artists from around the world.

Gilang Kusuma

Indonesia | @gilangkussuma
Gilang is a VJ, illustrator and motion designer based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. also produces lyric videos for bands and DJs. He love to explore 2d animation and sketchntoon 3d animation, with high saturation color palette.

Besides making content, he works on small and large scale video mapping projects for  mapping festivals in Indonesia and international . Together with his collective called JVMP, he created a light festival called Sumonar which is held annually.


Silent Listening by Gilang Kusama is an artwork featured in PRIVACY, a digital exhibition curated by MOJOKO.


Vince Fraser

Vince’ Fraser is a New Breed of Artist in the Digital Age, combining a variety of skills including Film and Motion. With a keen eye for detail he is always experimenting in a playful way whilst pushing the boundaries from a visual aspect. Bridging the gap between Fantasy and Reality, Vince’s mission is to inspire, educate and empower positive images of the African diaspora.

Having worked in the creative industry as a professional digital illustrator for over twenty years, the progression to Visual Arts was a natural one. His work has been exhibited on enormous scale at prestigious venues such as ARTECHOUSE Miami and W1 Curates on Oxford Street London.


Suspicious Patterns by Vincent Fraser is an artwork featured in PRIVACY, a digital exhibition curated by MOJOKO.


Chong Yan Chuah

Malaysia | @chongyanchuah
Chong Yan Chuah (B. 1992, Malaysia) is a multidisciplinary artist currently working in Kuala Lumpur. His body of work touches various mediums ranging from digital, game art, drawing, painting, sculpture and installation – often dialoguing with one another through a mis-en-scène.

Coming from an architectural background, his main interest lies at the intersection between the physical environment in which we live in, and the fictional worlds that he creates, challenging the perception of space, reality and experience.

Inspired by the idea of an escape, each world serves as an extension of the real life, oran allegory of his emotional state – rather than a creation of a new reality. The otherworldly feels, characters, and elements found in his digital works are results of his playful approach towards art-making – seeking to experiment around the concept of artist as explorer; one who discovers and reveals the unknown.


Digital avatars have been the face of our reality for the past decade. Our unique digital identity comes with broad customization possibilities. Hedonistic and reckless. I am a Meta-explorer called to seek out new Meta-verses and  go beyond the frontiers of my own knowledge and gather for others the wonders of the unknown.


Sadiq Mansor

Singapore | @249.png
249.png (Sadiq Mansor) is a self-taught independent artist from Singapore.

His work permeates into different mediums such as illustration, painting, animation and moving images.


Veil of Secrecy by Sadiq Mansor is an artwork featured in PRIVACY, a digital exhibition curated by MOJOKO.



Singapore | @Mojokoworld
MOJOKO is renowned world wide for his eye-popping collages and is firmly establishing himself as one of Asias most promising new wave of digital artists. Several of his works have been showcased in museums, galleries in the past 10 years building a solid reputation amongst both his peers and his collectors.

As founder of Kult Magazine and now EYEYAH! Magazine his work often involves activating his large network of artists to address social issues in various formats both online and offline. He is the curator of this latest project for SIFA on the hot topic of PRIVACY.


Privacy Erosion by MOJOKO is an artwork featured in PRIVACY, a digital exhibition curated by MOJOKO.


Davidope (DVDP)

Hungary | @dvdp
Once 2008 Davidope has been pioneering the GIF as an art form. Having created hundreds of coded animations he has quickly risen to legendary status online in the digital art space.

Hailing from Hungary his mesmerising work can be found in the walls of museums and online. A true master of his craft and a pioneer of animating with code.


Security Boundaries by DVDP is an artwork featured in PRIVACY, a digital exhibition curated by MOJOKO.


Aik Beng Chia

Singapore | @aikbengchia
As one of Singapores most prolific photographers and image makers, Aik Beng Chia, (aka ABC) has been responsible for documenting the street life of Singapore since 2010.

Constantly pushing his craft into new areas, such a s motion and cinema graphs, ABC has created some of the most exciting and often overlooked communities in Singapore. With a background in illustration and advertising he has created a distinct, eye-catching, graphic style that has won him fans globally.


Private Parts by Aik Beng Chia is an artwork featured in PRIVACY, a digital exhibition curated by MOJOKO.


Barbarian Flower

Malaysia | @barbarianflower
Szeyan (aka barbarianflower) is a digital illustrator based in Malaysia. She is inspired by traditional and vintage art forms from Japan and Hong Kong. She is always inspired by her surroundings and incorporates elements of flora into her work.

She is fascinated by shiny things, which can be seen in her work with the Y2K style. In szeyan's work, the narrative is meant to make things retainable and appreciable for her in an illustrative way.


Personal Space by Barbarian Flower is an artwork featured in PRIVACY, a digital exhibition curated by MOJOKO.

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