Illustrations by Winnie Wu/studioKALEIDO

So, here’s the thing. The robots are coming; indeed, they are already here. With the emergence of generative artificial intelligence that creates text, images and sounds increasingly indistinguishable from that formed by human sensibilities, the meaning of meaning-making is in delicious flux.

And in this arena of the Internet where we meet you, the advantage has long been ceded to the algorithm’s appetite. Even so, this was and can still be a place of wide open spaces, an enchanted terrain where we encounter one another, as we are. So, here, we examine conventions, in the service of connection.

We test the vitality of our imaginations against both the creative expressions of performance-makers, and the imperatives of this digital realm. In the face of change, some people twist; some people turn. Here, we play.

Critics Circle Blog

The following creative responses are authored by writers from Critics Circle Blog, a platform that hosts diverse voices responding in multiple ways to the performing arts in Singapore, in order to generate conversation.

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