Composing MEPAAN: Constructing collaboration with the Chinese orchestra

Moderated by Samuel Wong

How does the creative process actually work? MEPAAN featured three world premieres of compositions commissioned for SIFA — Island Sunrise by Eric Watson, Song of the Night Wind by Koh Cheng Jin, and March to Eternity by Wang Chenwei. In this conversation moderated by The Teng Ensemble's Samuel Wong, these three composers illuminate the ways they approached the cross-cultural nature of MEPAAN, a collaboration between the Singapore Chinese Orchestra and The Tuyang Initiative, a Sarawak-based creative agency focused on Borneo indigenous cultural heritage. They also reflect on how their personal identities are expressed in their work, and the iterative process of putting their scores to practice — because it's one thing to write, and another thing to listen.

This conversation was recorded at Snakeweed Studios.

20 – 22 May, Fri – Sun, 8pm