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SIFA V2.020 PRESENTS POETRY UNDER THE SOUTHERN BOUGH LIVE! (As Part of National Arts Council Live Performance Pilot)



Singapore, 30 September 2020 — Presented by Arts House Limited (AHL), Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) v2.020 has commissioned Poetry Under the Southern Bough by Toy Factory Productions to be part of the live performance pilots initiated by the National Arts Council. Poetry Under the Southern Bough is a hybrid event comprising live performance and virtual streaming.

Weaving tapestries of dance, opera, music and theatre, this contemporary performance celebrates the elegant poetry of Tang Xianzu, bringing audiences on a journey through the dreamscapes of 20 selected poems from A Dream Under the Southern Bough. Performed in Mandarin with English subtitles, this 45-minute multi-disciplinary show will take place at Drama Centre Theatre on 10 October 2020 at 3pm and 8pm. Concurrently, the festival will also sell tickets for a digital live stream which will allow for the show to be enjoyed by a wider audience.

Festival Director Gaurav Kripalani shares, "After six months of arts venues being closed, I'm delighted that SIFA will be presenting one of the first shows with a live audience. Having commissioned Toy Factory to stage the three-year trilogy of A Dream Under the Southern Bough, we look forward to working with them on this complementary work."

Available to a maximum audience of 50 per show, extensive measures will be incorporated to safeguard all performers and audiences. These include enhanced cleaning of the theatre, compulsory checking in of SafeEntry and temperature screening, observing a three-metre distance between performers and audience, one-metre spacing between audience members, and no intermission.

SIFA will also trial the new intelligent “bubble-wrap” seating technology in SISTIC’s booking engine during this pilot. Patrons may purchase seats for groups up to five and the system will ensure that neighbouring seats to the left, right, front and back are kept vacant to ensure safe distancing measures are adhered to.

To get a deeper understanding of the history of the play, audiences can tune in to Tang Xianzu: Rebirthing Of A 400-Year Old Dream. This animation video traces the life of one of China’s greatest dramatists - Tang Xianzu and his most well-known work, A Dream Under the Southern Bough. The Mandarin version of this video will also be available on SIFA All-Access from 2 November 2020.

Tickets for the live performance of Poetry Under the Southern Bough on 10 October 2020 are available for sale on sifa.sg and sistic.com. Accessible through the SIFA All-Access online platform, SIFA v2.020 is presented by Arts House Limited as part of the #SGCultureAnywhere campaign. Subscribe to the SIFA newsletter and visit sifa.sg for the latest updates on SIFA v2.020.




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(Credits: Images courtesy of Toy Factory Productions Ltd)

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by Toy Factory Productions
10 October 2020, 3pm & 8pm
45 minutes

Toy Factory Productions Ltd presents Poetry under the Southern Bough, a multi-disciplinary performance through the dreamscapes of 20 selected poems from A Dream Under the Southern Bough written by revered Ming Dynasty playwright, Tang Xianzu.

Helmed by creative director Goh Boon Teck, directed by Timothy Wan, lighting designed by Gabriel Chan, audiovisual engineering by Sandra Tay, and makeup by Zennie Casann - Poetry under the Southern Bough features a stalwart cast of stage actor Li Te, Peking opera actress Zhang Manxi, dancer Ryan Ang, percussionist Eugene Toh, and cellist Huang Ting-Yu.


Unravel the elegant poetry depicting the peaks and valleys of disgraced naval officer, Chunyu Fen who falls into a deep slumber; drifting away on a seemingly fantastical dream in the great Sophora Ant Kingdom.

The voices of the Peking opera singer and the actor flutters in perfect harmony, while a dancer bends and moves into the rhythm fervently struck by the percussionist, and a cellist longingly bows for a dream that never ends.

Poetry under the Southern Bough is an odyssey of high aspirations, glorious dreams, and fallen reality juxtaposed by a spiritual awakening of artistry performed in the theatre where the arts converge into introspective dreams.

Creative Team
Goh Boon Teck - Creative Director
Timothy Wan - Director
Gabriel Chan - Lighting Designer
Sandra Tay - Audiovisual Engineer
Zennie Casann - Makeup Artist
Zennie Casann - Makeup Artist
Li Te - Stage Actor
Zhang Manxi - Peking Opera Actress
Ryan Ang - Dancer
Eugene Toh - Percussionist
Huang Ting-Yu - Cellist

Ticketing Information

In-venue: $20
Live Stream: $10
Video-on-Demand: $10
Top-Up Options: VOD at $5 for In-venue and Live Stream patrons
Tickets are available on sistic.com.



由创意总监吴文德,导演温伟文,带领舞台剧演员李特,京剧女演员张曼熙,舞蹈演员洪正恒,打击乐手卓开祥以及大提琴手黄亭语一同跨艺术界合作,联合灯光设计师陈伟文,音像工程师郑吉钦,妆发设计师 Zennie Casann 共同赴往诗的旅程。





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