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Sátántangó (1994)

Béla Tarr (Hungary)

Event is cancelled

  • 31 May 2020, Sun 1.30pm
  • Oldham Theatre
  • $12
    Standard Price
    Bundle of 3

    Watch out this space for ticketing details to be advised.

    Bundle of 3 different films at $30*


  • New 4K Restored Version

    Southeast Asian Premiere

    Language: Hungarian


    The film will be screened in 3 sections with 2 intermissions.
    There will be a 15min break after Section 1, and an 1-hour break after Section 2.

    Film will approximately end at 10.15pm

  • Rating: NC16

    For corporate and group bookings for 25 tickets and more, please contact

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Sátántangó (1994)

Béla Tarr (Hungary)

Closing Film

Based on the book by László Krasznahorkai, Sátántangó follows members of a small, defunct agricultural collective living in a post-apocalyptic landscape after the fall of Communism who, on the heels of a large financial windfall, set out to leave their village. As a few of the villagers secretly conspire to take off with all of the earnings for themselves, a mysterious character, long thought dead, returns to the village, altering the course of everyone’s lives forever.