Singular Screens 2021

Curated by Asian Film Archive

Event has ended

  • SIFA On Demand:
    31 May - 12 June

    Various Timings
  • Standard Price
    $15 (In-venue)
    Bundle of 4 tickets
    $50 (In-venue)

    Theatrical screenings:

    In-venue: $15 
    Bundle of 4: $50

    Selected films from the Singular Screens 2021 lineup will be available for Singapore-based audiences from 31 May to 12 June 2021!

  • All Access Bundle
    Films Included
    1. The Mole Agent
    2. N.P
    3. There are no false undertakings
    4. Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets
    5. If it were love
    6. The year of discovery
    7. Ouvertures


Singular Screens 2021

Curated by Asian Film Archive

Singular Screens 

Curated by Asian Film Archive 

Curated by the Asian Film Archive (AFA) for the Singapore International Festival of Arts 2021 (SIFA), Singular Screens celebrates diverse, independent and singular visions from Singapore and around the world. Discover a bold palette of cinematic adventures, featuring the ingenious and risk-taking in film. Screenings will be held at Oldham Theatre, with selected films also available on Video on Demand (VOD). 


Founded in 2005 as a non-profit organisation, the Asian Film Archive aspires to be a hub for the Asian film community. Through organised screenings, and educational and cultural programmes that open and enrich new intellectual, educational and creative spaces, it aims to preserve the rich film heritage of Asian Cinema, encourage scholarly research on film and promote a wider critical appreciation of this art form.

Since 2014, the Asian Film Archive has been a subsidiary of the Singapore National Library Board. It is an affiliate of the International Federation of Film Archives, an institutional member of the Southeast Asia-Pacific Audiovisual Archive Association, and the Association of Moving Image Archivists.

Programme Partner:

Screening Schedule
Date / Time
Japan, Singapore
14 May, 8pm
22 May, 5pm

Oldham Theatre
N.P. (2020)

(Lisa Spilliaert)
15 May, 5pm
23 May, 6.30pm
Oldham Theatre & Online
15 May, 8pm
26 May, 2pm
1h 30m
Oldham Theatre & Online
Hong Kong, China
16 May, 2pm
25 May, 8pm
1h 54m
Oldham Theatre
Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets (2020)

(Bill Ross, Turner Ross)
18 May, 8pm
29 May, 8pm
1h 38m
Oldham Theatre & Online
The Human Voice + Lux Æterna (2020)

(Gaspar Noe, Pedro Almodóvar)
Spain, France
19 May, 8pm
28 May, 8pm
Oldham Theatre
Ouvertures (2020)

(The Living and the Dead Ensemble)
UK, France
20 May, 8pm
2h 12m
Oldham Theatre & Online
21 May, 8pm
29 May, 2pm
1h 22m
Oldham Theatre
22 May, 2pm
27 May, 8pm
1h 49m
Oldham Theatre & Online
Gunda (2020)

(Victor Kossakovsky)
Norway, USA
22 May, 8pm
26 May, 8pm
1h 33m
Oldham Theatre
Spain, Switzerland
23 May, 2pm
3h 20m
Oldham Theatre & Online
26 May, 5pm
1h 22m
Oldham Theatre & Online
30 May, 1.30pm
7h 30m
(9hrs with breaks)
Oldham Theatre
Serbia, Germany, France
16 May, 5pm
29 May, 5pm
1h 36m
Oldham Theatre


Theatrical screenings at Oldham Theatre: 

Measures will be taken to ensure the health and safety of all patrons at Oldham Theatre. This includes wearing a mask at all times for both staff and patrons, temperature taking, SafeEntry logging and observance of social distancing around the theatre. Doors will open 20 minutes before showtime, so do ensure you arrive early to register and take your temperature.

Video on Demand (VOD): 

- The videos are applicable to be watched online from 31 May, 12pm to 12 June, 11:59pm
 - SIFA On Demand: Singular Screens is available to Singapore-based viewing only
- Each unique e-ticket allows the ticket holder to view the film within the stipulated Video on Demand (VOD) dates

- The e-ticket holder may not share their e-ticket link. Online viewing parties and sharing the video(s) via streaming apps are not permitted.

- Recording or any form of distribution of the video(s) is prohibited. The video(s) must not be uploaded to the internet, publicly exhibited, or otherwise distributed or reproduced in any way.

- Copyright in the videos belongs to the distributor of the film and no one is allowed to edit, modify, translate, adapt, decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, create any derivative work of, reproduce, or deal with the video(s) in any way whatsoever.

- SISTIC has no control or management over the content of the video(s).

- SISTIC and SIFA are not liable for any viewing or browsing problems caused by the e-ticket holder's internet connection or technical hardware or software issues or any cause beyond the control of SISTIC and SIFA.

Zeugma (Singapore)

Planeswalker, Zul Mahmod & weish x Marc Gabriel Loh (Singapore)

The Necessary Stage (Singapore)