POP-UP Duets (fragments of love)

Janis Claxton Dance (United Kingdom)

Event has ended

  • 26 - 29 Apr
    Thu - Sun
  • Various locations

  • Thu: 1pm (Raffles City Shopping Centre), 6.30pm (Bugis Junction) 

    Fri: 1pm (Raffles Lawn -cancelled), 6.30pm (Festival House), 9pm (Victoria Theatre & Victoria Concert Hall atrium) 

    Sat: 6.30pm (Empress Lawn), 9pm (Empress Lawn) 

    Sun: 5pm (Bugis Junction), 6.30pm (Empress Lawn), 9pm (Empress Lawn)


    Rating: General

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POP-UP Duets (fragments of love)

Janis Claxton Dance (United Kingdom)

A series of dance encounters in public places, drawing on the theme of love.

Dressed in unassuming clothes, four lithe dancers blend in effortlessly with an unsuspecting audience, until each pair emerges to command the makeshift stage and captivate with their dynamic pas de deux of playful flirtation, passionate combat or tender love.

POP-UP Duets is Edinburgh-based dancer and choreographer Janis Claxtons inspired endeavour at bringing high-quality dance to public places for unsuspecting audiences. In a collaboration with Scottish sound designer and composer Pippa Murphy, each of the site-specific duets is performed to an original track specifically written to the choreography - energetic, organic dance encounters that evolve from simple everyday interactions.

Viewed by over 10,000 people since it premiered in Scotland in 2016, the free series will pop-up in Singapore and around the Empress Lawn, against the elegant backdrop of the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall. Hopeful spectators can track down the performances by following the aural cues.

Music by Pippa Murphy

POP-UP Duets is supported by Creative Scotland for creation and touring.

(Photos by Lucas Kao and James Lin