The Flags
By Angus Watt (UK) Event has ended
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The Flags of Angus Watt have graced numerous distinguished festivals and cultural events around the world such as Glastonbury and WOMAD. And now, these immense and colourful flags are being displayed right here at the Empress Lawn to mark the arrival of the 2018 Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA). Devised by British visual artist Angus Watt, this mesmerising “flagscape” is an arresting addition to the sights and sounds of SIFA’s outdoor festivities from 26 to 29 April.

When asked about the meaning of his work, Angus shares that the flags are symbols of “standards” or standing up for all that is good. “For quality, conviction, equality, the real… and stand opposed to bad things like cynicism, blandness, appropriation and the negative influences that are eroding culture.” SIFA welcomes you to the Empress Lawn where you can enjoy this captivating artwork and, at the same time, drink in the festival atmosphere.