The Lapse Project
By INTER—MISSION (Singapore) Event has ended
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26 Apr – 12 May,
Daily, 10am – 10pm

Gallery II, Festival House


Rating to be advised 

Does technology help us to remember, or forget?

As we develop new visions and modes of interaction with Singapore the city, how does our relationship to her monuments change? What constitutes our collective reality?

Toggling between the physical and the imaginary, and responding to the accelerated digitisation of our environment, The Lapse Project imagines a world that is constituted through interfaces where places of artistic and cultural identities become editable, and can just as easily be switched on or off. Through processes of digital manipulation, the multimedia installation ‘erases' familiar landmarks that now serve as spaces for the arts around Singapore’s Civic District — Singapore’s oldest building, The Arts House; National Gallery Singapore; National Museum of Singapore; and the Singapore Art Museum.

The Lapse Project takes a multi-dimensional approach to question memory, space and legacy through lapses in structure, time, particle, text and image. Visitors are invited to embody these lapses, contemplating the presence and absence of sights and sites.

Step into The Arts House to ponder where reality ends and the virtual begins. Exhibit runs for the entire duration of the Singapore International Arts Festival 2018.

 “Our national monuments…serve as tangible reminders of our shared heritage. Together with the stories and memories they hold, they provide us with a better understanding of our shared history and heritage, and a greater appreciation of the places around us.” - National Heritage Board Singapore


INTER–MISSION is an art collective focusing on interdisciplinary and collaborative works in video art, audiovisual, performance, installation and interactive art, and discourses of technology in art.

Initiated in 2016 by Singaporean artists Marcel GASPAR, Urich LAU, Shengen LIM and TEOW Yue Han, the collective aims to inhabit the gap between technologically engaged artworks, artists and audiences — using technology not only as to enforce utilization of tools and medium, but to explore notions of human cognition and sentience.



by Ground Z-0 (Singapore) 27 Apr - 12 May 2018 National Gallery Singapore

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Singular Screens Event has ended

Singular Screens

by Asian Film Archive (Singapore) 26 Apr - 12 May 2018 Festival House

26 Apr – 12 May,
Daily, 10am – 10pm

Gallery II, Festival House


Rating to be advised