Megan Wonowidjoyo

Megan Wonowidjoyo is a lecturer and Foundation Programme Coordinator of the Faculty of Cinematic Arts, Multimedia University. Formerly, she was the Head of Forum at Seashorts Film Festival 2019. She received her Masters in Fine Arts (Drawing) at COFA, University of New South Wales, Sydney. She has won a Gold award in the IDE4TE Education Conference and Best Academician Excellence in Teaching Award 2019 for Faculty of Cinematic Arts, Multimedia University, Malaysia. Her distinctive animation Study of a Singaporean Face was commissioned for the opening of the National Gallery of Singapore in 2015.

Her debut animation LIBERTAS won the Best Screenplay at the 6th Indonesian Film Festival 2011 Short Film Competition and was a finalist for Best Short Animation at the prestigious AFI Fest 2011, Los Angeles. She was a finalist at the BSG Art Prize in Melbourne and will be showcased in an upcoming solo exhibition with Fergana Art Gallery in Kuala Lumpur in 2022. In 2017, her debut short film Woman At Home was nominated for Best Short Film at the Seoul International Women's Film Festival. Being produced single-handedly by the director, critic Bae Ju-yeon commented that the filme was 'a foretelling of the rise of a new moving image artists'.

Megan Wonowidjoyo has also been published in PR&TA, a journal of creative praxis in Southeast Asia.