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Control Freak
Famous Puppet
Death Scenes


Only Bones

Esplanade’s most playful festival returns with 10 days of laugh-out-loud, imaginative and unexpected performances and encounters, by local and international artists.

Celebrate creativity and life - on the flipside - through physical theatre, puppetry, comedy, music, and visual art and design, as they intersect in surprising ways.

Highlights include:

  • Control Freak – fusing circus arts, music, humour and state-of-the-art-technology;

  • Famous Puppet Death Scenes – a puppet show like you've never seen;

  • Chimpanzee – inspired by actual events, Chimpanzee tells the story of a lone, aging female chimpanzee, looking back on her childhood spent in a human family before she was shipped off to a laboratory;
  • Only Bones – performer Thom Monckton returns to Flipside with Only Bones, after his successful solo performances in The Artist in 2019.

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