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The Arts House will be transformed into Festival House for Singapore International Festival of Arts 2018. The mix of intimate spaces in the House lends itself to unique opportunities for performances, interactions and engagement for audiences and festival artists. The activities at Festival House offer avenues for reflection and discussion on concepts and themes in the Festival. The Arts House will be the pulse of the festival where audiences meet, discuss the works in the festival, eat, drink and hang out while taking in the Festival buzz.

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Already Elsewhere

by Geoff Cobham (Australia) 26 Apr - 12 May 2018 Gallery I

1984 – The Book Club

by Dr Gwee Li Sui (Singapore) 26 Apr 2018 Living Room

The Lapse Project

by INTER—MISSION (Singapore) 26 Apr - 12 May 2018 Gallery II
Singular Screens Event has ended

Singular Screens

by Asian Film Archive (Singapore) 26 Apr - 12 May 2018 Screening Room
Four Decades Exhibition Event has ended

Four Decades Exhibition

26 Apr - 12 May 2018 Level 2 Corridor

Jazz at Play I

by The Suitcase, Alemay Fernandez and Chok Kerong Organ Trio (Singapore) 28 Apr 2018 Play Den

Jazz at Play II

by WVC Malaysian Jazz Ensemble (Malaysia), Deixa (Australia) and Alina Ramirez and Mario Lopez Latin Jazz Quartet (Singapore) 29 Apr 2018 Play Den
An introduction to Tang Xianzu & his play A Dream Under the Southern Bough Event has ended

An introduction to Tang Xianzu & his play A Dream Under the Southern Bough

by Bok Zhong Ming (Singapore) 29 Apr 2018 Living Room

Jazz at Play III

by Aya Sekine, Rani Singam and Andrew Lim, and Christy’s Communicative Artists (Singapore) 30 Apr 2018 Play Den

Die Tomorrow

by Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit (Thailand) 1 May 2018 Screening Room


by Valerie Massadian (France) 2 May 2018 Screening Room


by Affonso Uchoa & João Dumans (Brazil) 4 May 2018 Screening Room

Team Hurricane

by Annika Berg (Denmark) 5 May 2018 Screening Room

First Reads

by Dark Matter Theatrics (Singapore) 6 May 2018 Living Room


by Ferry (Singapore) 8 - 12 May 2018 Play Den

24 Frames

by Abbas Kiarostami (Iran) 11 May 2018 Screening Room