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SOTA Drama Theatre

Envisioned as jewels embedded within a gargantuan mass of stone, carved out and chiselled to reveal dynamic volumes in various proportions, are three main performing arts venues at School of the Arts, Singapore.

Embraced by layered curved walls of steel mesh enclosed panels, the Venetian red interiors of the Drama Theatre is kept animated by the randomly pixelated shades of the fabric seats, emanating a lively atmosphere amid vibrant hues.



OCD Love
by L-E-V Dance Company (Israel) 5, 6 May 2018
Nico Muhly Speaks Volumes
by Nico Muhly (United States), with Lim Yan (Singapore), Lisa Liu (USA), Matt Albert (USA), Paul Wiancko (USA) and Ramu Thiruyanam (Singapore) 12 May 2018